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On Tuesday, we went to the film Avengers in the nearest cinema. It was a fabulous opening night. Noticeably, the boys significantly outnumbered the girls in attendance, but my girl friends and I helped even out the number just….a tiny bit. I believe none of the humorwas lost in translation, because there were so many memorable laughs from Iron Man’s impenetrable “kamen” (stone) heart, Hulk smashing theoverconfident demi-god Loki and so on. I really enjoyed the movie, although I thought the buildup dragged on too long. It took the team of superheros forever to build trust in each other and developteamwork, but nevertheless the movie clicked.

Later that night, I walked around with my host sister in our lovely neighborhood overlooking the”zalif” (bay, riverside). I don’t know why I never mentioned this earlier, but we also have a place called “Belii Allei” (White Alley) with three glass pyramids that resemble mini-Louvre museums. Therereally is no purpose for these displays, but White Alley is a really nice place to be. Earlier this week, my  sister led me down a steep path to the bay. It was literally behind the apartment, but I was scared out of my witsgoing down the path. It looked so darn dangerous.

Plus, the sun was setting, so I poorly saw where we were going. However, as we reached the end, there stood the gorgeous Volga river right in front of us. The water shined, looking so serene and clean. My sister joked that this place would be a great place for a date, because there’s even a beach down the road, but I know that’s not happening anytime soon. We were nearly out of breath when we went up the path home. And so, we agreed that we should exercise more once exams ended and summer started. I’m sure I’ll go back to the bay once more to photograph, but I’m not much of a “nature-person”.

So what else is new? I went to the Finnish-Russian sauna with my host mother, sister and host mother’s friends. There was a pleasant small swimming pool, where all these women and I swam “golie”, and this term I’ll leave for you to translate yourselves. It’s a decent time in Russia. Lessons are more interesting in this last quarter, then compared to of the other 3/4th of the year. I’ve settled into a good crowd of friends. Then, I realize that school will finish at the end of May, the Petersburg trip will arrive after, and soon I’ll be home. I am seriously ecstatic to return to America. Certainly, I will miss my year in Russia, and I’ll miss the novelty of Russian culture, but I am so ready to leave. I still dream about travelling the world, and learning several world languages. Although, there will be some dull moments this summer at home; it will all be okay. I have time to catchup with friends and family. Also, I’m already planning my whole exciting adventure for university!

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