The ending so Near

Been a while since the last update, but things in general are going well. I’ve been rather homesick lately, even though the weather’s quite nice. There’s been a major hoard of mosquitoes in town, but I successfully prayed to the rain gods to drown them out for a few days. It’s cooler with the rain and winds, so it no longer feels like summertime. School for the most part has finished, and I went to watch the Last Bell for the graduating class. They have exams arriving in June, and unfortunately so do I.

There’s approximately one month left in Russia. This is both wonderful and bittersweet at the same time. I would really love to travel around the country, but there’s no chance of obtaining permission from the authorities.. On the brighter note, we finally have news about the TRKI test. This is after four months of persistently asking…btw. Students MIGHT be able to take the test in Moscow sometimes in June; I have no other information other than that sadly.

Plans were vague at first. We didn’t know if it was a possibly to sit this exam or not. I used to be so passionate for studying for this test, by preparing the best I could, but through May, I’ve lost a bit of self-motivation to perform well anymore. I can’t blame it on the weather; it’s sometimes else. I lost value in certificates and fancy pieces of paper which recognize academic achievement.

Sometimes I still feel like my “real life” is in pause. I took a year off, when most of my peers have started their freshman year of university. This feels so strange to come back, and yet at the same time, I’m looking forward to returning home so much. It’s going to be a bit difficult re-learning college level mathematiques, but it’s all part of a long process. I have no reason to slack off. I really need to focus on my education.

And yesterday night, I watched Eurovision on television, this was absolutely awesome. One of my life goals has been achieved. Oh, and I suppose it was cool to see Russia regain the World Hockey Champion title earlier in the month too. So all in all, I hope June will be a great month. See you guys soon!

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