Doing Things by Yourself is Satisfying

Young Girl by Self by Mi Pham

In grade school, we had recess and set play times, so we naturally ran into prime social opportunities. However, as we get older, this process of making friends gets exponentially harder. We really need to push ourselves to meet and build relationships with new people. In fact, our schedules fall out of sync with even close friends. So, what happens when you can’t make those fun plans with your buddies? Or say, if you’ve moved into a new town with no connections?

Obviously, you stay at home and cry. *Sarcasm*

On the contrary, I’d recommend finding ways to entertain yourself. In your own company, you can make plans without worrying about a friend running late, or compromising your own interests. You can take larger risks. Go at your own pace. Discover hobbies or favorite foods which your peers might not share. Read books that intrigue you. Paint a new masterpiece. There’s just so many benefits on doing things alone, if you get over yourself. Or more precisely, your self-consciousness.

No one really cares if you’re sitting in a restaurant alone, enjoying that “bougie” hipster grilled cheese sandwich. No one pays attention if you’re strolling down the park, breathing the fresh air and walking through the green grass. No one who absolutely matters will judge you.


Because they’re too absorbed in their own world, which clearly doesn’t revolve around you. So, get out and enjoy life. It’s quite normal to take those off-days where you remain inside your safe comfy room; we all need that. However, don’t forget to leave your bed and enjoy the whole world out there. And don’t ever wait for a friend to remind you this. Do it yourself, and for yourself.

Photo of Young Girl by Herself by Mi Pham

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