Hi. I’m Kathy.

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Media Consultant in Los Angeles

I can help you highlight your strengths.

Are you curious about how we can work together?

My friends would say I'm pretty good at...

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ResumeS/Cover Letters

Excited to take the next steps in your career? I’m your go to gal when it comes to highlighting your professional strengths and polishing your writing.

Let’s work together to land your next job. →

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Snazzy PowerpointS
Tired of using the same templates day in and day out? I’m known for composing well-adesigned decks to captivate the audience. Let’s collaborate to level up your presentation aesthetics. →
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Cultural Competency

Curious about how to build an inclusive space and navigate cross-cultural communication? I’m able to connect you to advisors for your next project.

Let’s combine forces to ensure future success. →

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