Past Work – Academic Work & Presentations

I’m strongly convinced that visuals sell the story, so I create snazzy Powerpoints to match my presentation.

Love for Nature

Through my college years, I’ve been lucky enough to take courses on trees, extinction, beasts of burdens, invasive animal and plants species and more. In one of the classes, I presented on a functionally extinct species – the Yangtze River Dolphin.

Regarding Central Asia

Having lived in Kazakhstan and been a fellow of the Ben Franklin Summer Institute, I’m interested in learning more about the rich history of the Central Asia Region. I felt particular affinity to the migrant workers who were the first people my team and I saw when we arrived in the Moscow train terminal. At four in the morning, they staffed the nearest fast food stand and spoke to us about their difficulties adapting to Russian culture and dealing with racism.

Russian Language Material

During the Flagship Program, I made weekly presentations which I delivered in Russian. It was a nerve-wrecking process speaking in front of the class, but I really learned from it. I made this particular presentation on distance/online-learning for my classes through the Critical Language Scholarship Summer Program.