Past Work – Media, Graphics & Creative Projects

Through art, I’m able to explore my Asian American heritage and develop a better understanding of how race, socioeconomics and gender identity has shaped my world experience.

UCLARadio Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Talk Show

Every Sunday, I co-host a talk show about Asian American identity and issues through the “Pacific Ties Radio Hour”, formerly known as “Sugar, Spice, Everyday Rice” . We addressed a variety of topics from Asian snacks during childhood to clinical depression rates among the AAPI community. Each week, we invited musicians, stylists, entrepreneurs, university staff and other guests to share their experiences.

Sugar, Spice, Everyday Rice – May 2015

Kathy Has Ramen – Youtube Channel

Here are some select videos from my Youtube Channel. Some videos have reached 10k views, while others are much more low-key. In fact, several university classes from UCLA to Daytona State University have shown my “Model Minority Myth” video. I created this video to voice my thoughts on Asian American issues and to combat my camera-shyness. Needless to say, I’ve gained much more by putting myself out there.

@#$% the “Model Minority Myth”

I created this gallery of “memes” to express frustration over the stereotypes I faced.