10 Cheap (or Free) Dates for UCLA Students Near Westwood

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10 Cheap (or Free) Dates for UCLA Students Near Westwood

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Oh, to be young and in love again. What you might not have in money, you certainly make up in cute study dates and extensive PDA. So Bruins, are you tired of dorm dates at the dining halls yet?

Well, count your lucky stars, I have some exciting alternatives for you!  You can do so much outside of Netflix and chill–even with a limited student budget, so here are my top picks for cheap/free dates.

1. Bus to Santa Monica, play in the sand and walk down the pier together.

If you’re sticking around til sunset, be sure to walk down Third Street/Promenade and enjoy the talented street musicians. Talk over to Tongva Park at night for ambient lighting.

2. Get Wet for your Date on Campus

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something within walking distance… Take a swim with your boo-thang at the Sunset Rec Center. Get your tan on too.

3. Two in One: Dessert and a Top of the Line Show

Snack on the classic Diddy Reese cookies as you stand in the rush-line for tickets for top-of-the-line performances at the Geffen Playhouse, which is located right next to Ralph’s. Tickets for student Rush is only $10, compared to their normal prices starting at $70+.

4. Go to Sawtelle for a boba run.

Self-explainatory. Have a debate whether Coco’s, Volcano, MJ, or Koala T serves the best.

5. Can’t drive to the Griffith Observatory?

Come to the free weekly shows and night sky viewings at the on-campus Planetarium, found right on the top of Bolter Hall. What’s more romantic than the stars?

6. On Wednesday nights, join the Salsa club near the Bruin Bear.

No problem if you don’t know how to dance. There’s friendly faces who would love to teach you!

7. Stay up late for a midnight showing of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. 

The talented beings at Sins O’ the Flesh put on a weekly show on Saturday at the Nuart Theater, which is on Santa Monica and Sawtelle.

8. Head to the Hammer Museum together.

The second floor has ping-pong, whereas the first floor has those fun spinny vertigo-inducing seats. See the thought-provoking exhibitions, which are sometimes accompanied by free tours and talks. It’s free.

9. Ditto for the Fowler Museum.

It’s home to world arts. Not the mention they have the free Fowler Out Loud series each week, and cool parties with tasty hor d’ouevres for each new exhibition opening!

10. Go to the Getty Center’s sketching gallery.

The gardens are lovely, and this also makes a great mutual study spot. It’s always free, but closed on Monday. Or go beyond the Urban Lights at LACMA, which is free after 3pm for LA residents.


Can’t leave the dorms? Stay in, play scrabble or chess. Make cute drawings of one other. Rent out the video games from Powell library to enjoy with your partner. Play music while you cook each other dinner. After all, everyone has to eat, right?

Have any fun and affordable date ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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